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Getting Started

Getting started

  1. To get started farming on Foxy-Pool CHIA please ensure you are using version 1.3.5 or newer of the chia-blockchain software from here. Users also farming OG plots on Foxy can use the og-pooling enabled versions starting from 1.3.5 as well.
  2. If you require some coins to create your PlotNFT you can use the faucet provided by the Chia team.
  3. Join the pool with your existing PlotNFT:

    First click on "Change Pool" to enter a new pool url for your PlotNFT:

    join pool step 1

    Then enter the pools farmer url ( and finally click on "Change" at the bottom:

    join pool step 2

    Use the following command to join the pool. If you have multiple keys you will get asked which key to use.

    chia plotnft join --id 2 --pool_url

  4. Once your PlotNFT switched over to the pool an account is created for your Launcher Id. At this point you can log in to the pools My Farmer tab with it, or use the login link generated by your wallet to also authenticate.

Verify your farmer is working correctly

To verify your farmer is working correctly, please check your logs for any pooling errors. Pooling errors can be found in your chia debug.log when searching for Error in pooling.