Farmer Rewards

Foxy-Pools support crediting your farmer reward (0.125 XCH) directly to your pending balance instead of receiving it on your own wallet. This can be useful if you want to directly pay out everything in a single coin to your payout address.

To enable, just set your farmer reward address to the pools address:

  • CHIA: xch1qjrct2gwv36jv0za8n0cec5sfxwa7yqx50aw9vc5n9lwjwa9tnqsyj377f
  • CHIA (OG): xch1fnwgtlakr3t9622drh859m4rsr9r3qvmuhx9y2qf37yj7wnc00yqep7c5t

See this guide on how to change the farmer reward address.