Foxy-Farmer is a simplified farmer for the chia blockchain using the Foxy-Pool Chia Farming Gateway to farm without a full node running on your machine.

  • NFT and OG pooling are both supported!
  • Bladebit compressed plots are supported!
  • Gigahorse compressed plots are supported!
  • DrPlotter compressed plots are supported!


If you can run a full node, you should!

Foxy-Farmer is useful in the following scenarios:

  • You are replotting your OG pooling farm to compressed NFT plots but do not want to run two full nodes
  • You want to run a DrPlotter setup on a single machine
  • Your hardware does not support running a full node
  • You do not want to manage/run a full node

If you are migrating from FlexFarmer please check out this guide.