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Chia Farming Gateway

Foxy-Pool hosts a Chia Farming Gateway ( for anyone to use, which can be used to farm without a local full node. Foxy-Farmer already uses this under the hood.

  • NFT and OG plots are both supported!
  • Bladebit compressed plots are supported!


If you can run a full node, you should!

Using the gateway

Besides running Foxy-Farmer you can also use the gateway with a vanilla chia-blockchain install, just edit its config.yaml so that your farmers full_node_peers point to the gateway:

  - host:
    port: 28444
  - host:
    port: 28444


  • Farmers using the Gateway with plots currently farming on Foxy-Pool use the gateway for free.
  • Farmers with plots not currently farming on Foxy-Pool will be charged with a 1% fee for using.

Are my keys safe?

Yes, the farming happens on your machine, the locally running farmer still signs your blocks, same as when running a local full node. Your keys do not leave your machine.