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Pledging is a way to increase your earnings on Foxy-Pools by pledging/lending coins from your wallet to the pool to achieve higher rewards during mining. You do not need to mine on a Foxy-Pool to be able to pledge.


Foxy-Pools generally support pledging if the coin supports it, unless stated otherwise by the pool's Web-UI.

Pledge rewards

On Foxy-Pools your pledge share (based on your pledge compared to the sum of all pledges on that pool) earns you a share of the pledge rewards for each block won.


The pools mining ratio is 30% for miners and 70% for investors. The pool currently has 100 coins pledged by other people. You now pledge 10 coins to the pool. Your pledge share is \frac{10}{110} \approx 9.09\%. The pool now wins a block worth 10 coins. The miners get 3 coins of those 10 coins block reward. The investors get 7 coins. You will get 7 * 9.09\% \approx 0.6363 coins. This example assumes 0% pool fee for simplicity.

Pledge rewards are only available if the pool is fully pledged (pledged amount is greater than the required pledge amount).

To pledge to a pool follow the pools Pledging to the pool steps available on each pools Info tab in the Web-UI.