Distribution Ratio

Foxy-Pools support a feature named DR - short for Distribution Ratio - which allows you to define how you want to split your rewards.

Popular DR's used are 0-100 and 100-0. With 0-100 the block winner gets no extra share, 100% of the miner block reward is split according to each miners historical share. With 100-0 the block winner gets the whole miner share, other miners get nothing. This is basically solo mining. The DR can be any combination you want.

Each miners EC is multiplied by the historical share part of the DR and the historical EC share is based on the resulting value compared to all other miners in the pool. When a block is won each miner receives its share based on their historical EC share and the block winners DR.


A miner has 100 TiB EC and uses a DR of 0-100. His relative EC will be 100 * (100 / 100) = 100.

A miner has 100 TiB EC and uses a DR of 50-50. His relative EC will be 100 * (50 / 100) = 50.

The historical share is based on each miners relative EC compared to all miners relative EC.

When a block is won by a miner with a DR of 20-80, the block winner gets 20% of the miners block rewards and the remaining 80% are shared with all miners according to their historical EC share.

In this example the miner with a DR of 0-100 will receive double the amount of the miner with a DR of 50-50 because his relative EC is twice as big.

The DR can be configured via the Settings Tab or via headers sent by the mining software. Foxy-Miner provides a distributionRatio config option for it.

Mining software needs to send the header X-DistributionRatio in their submitNonce requests. This header should be a string following the n-m syntax where n is the block winner share and m is the historical share.