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To bind to the BHD Foxy-Pool just follow these steps:

  1. Open your BHD wallet and let it sync till it is on the current height.
  2. Change into the tab Send and select Bind to:

    BHD Bind to

  3. Enter the pools address into the Bind To field.

  4. Enter your plotterId passphrase into the Plotter field.
  5. Change the Alive Time to 24 hours (480 blocks).

    BHD Generate bind data

  6. Click on Check button.

  7. Your plotterId and bind data are displayed. Please verify the displayed plotterId matches yours. You can copy the bind data with the Copy bind data button.

    BHD Copy bind data

  8. Open the Foxy-Pool BHD Web UI and enter your plotterId and the copied bind data.

  9. Press the Bind button.

    BHD Bind