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Check out the API docs here:

Socket.IO API

The Web-UI Socket.IO endpoint of the Foxy-Pool Gateway is reachable on

To interact with a specific pool you will need the pools poolIdentifier. The poolIdentifier is generally the subdomain part of the hostname. For example the BHD pools poolIdentifier is bhd.

Subscribe to new pool stats for a given list of pools by pool identifier

const io = require('');

const client = io('');

const poolIdentifier = ['bhd', 'signa'];
client.emit('subscribe', poolIdentifier, () => {
  // Do stuff here

Subscribing to new stats


client.on('stats/round', (poolIdentifier, roundStats) => {
  // Do stuff here
client.on('stats/live', (poolIdentifier, liveStats) => {
  // Do stuff here